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Ilanthalir is a Charitable Trust for the education and welfare of disadvantaged children irrespective of creed-caste-gender or any other discrimination whatsoever. It was formally started in the year 1997 by Rev.Fr.A.Susai Alangaram with 2 other Priests of the Diocese of Tiruchirappalli for helping disadvantaged children in education and other empowerments for their integrated developments. Ilanthalir has long been supported by Famiglie Nuove of the Focolare Movement. Directly and indirectly, Ilanthalir has helped nearly 8000 children in the past 20 years. Presently, there are 700 children getting educational and other supports. Beneficiaries include orphan children, semi orphans children, economically backward, socially displaced children and children rendered homeless after the Tsunami in December 2004.

Ilanthalir was registered in 1999 under the Indian Trust Act of the Government as a NGO (Non Governmental Organization)

Ilanthalir is approved by Government of India from the year 2000 under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) and the renewal of the same is made in 2017.

Ilanthalir is tax exempted under 12AA Act of the Income Tax Department for helping all disadvantaged children without any discrimination.

Registration Details

Reg. No. :1414/99

12A Reg. No. :AAATI1481KE20164

80G Reg. No. :AAATI1481KF20006

FCRA :076040252

CSR1 Reg. No. :CSR00033248