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Evening Study for Children

The Ilanthair students in each centre gather in the evening after school for further study and coaching. This programme has three parts i.e. 1. Time for games. 2. Nutritional support 3. Intensive study. This is a routine activity in the centres that goes up to 2 to 3 hours after which they disperse to their respective homes if their centres are not residential ones. There are 58 such centres supported by Ilanthalir.

English Coaching

Since our children are mostly from rural villages they lack fluency in English. As a result they find it difficult to compete with the children from the urban areas who have wide exposure to these extra skills. Regular coaching in the study centres and periodical camps help them to acquire the required knowledge.

Computer Training

Summer camps organized in the town centres of Manaparai, Dindigul and Trichy reach out to the needy children to have access to computer training and knowldge. Nearly 100 children benefit out of it every year.

Career Guidance

Career guidance programme for the welfare of the students who complete 10th and 12th is organized every year by Ilanthalir. The two days event focuses on career guidance, leadership training and personality development. A real motivation for life is the purpose of the programme and the results are quite tangible.

Talent Show

Ilanthalir gives opportunity to children to bring out and develop their hidden talents. The respective caretaker has the responsibility to identify the talents in children and help them to develop. A day in a year is set aside for the children to express their talents in a common platform.

Exposure Visit

The tour programme organized once in two years to different places of historical and cultural importance gives the children necessary exposure to nature, culture and people giving them a broad vision and learning.

Seminar for Science

Due commitment to the society at large, Ilanthalir conducts educative programmes for adults. One such programme is a seminar on science, religion and people which used to be conducted once in a while so that people have right understanding of each other and a proper perspective of life. The seminar also provides the platform for an inter-religious experience.

Medical Camps

Good health is a basic need of people. Since there are no facilities available for basic health needs in rural areas, Ilanthalir as part of its activities organizes medical camps in the respective villages of children to benefit them, their parents and the people of the surroundings. It not only helps their health and also brings awareness about certain hygienic practices.

Conservation of Nature

Ilanthalir is very much conscious about the preservation of nature and the natural resources and has the impetus to pass the same to the children. Work camps are organized at the different centres of Ilanthalir to inculcate in the young minds how important is the preservation of nature and its resources like trees, clean water and clean air. They are made aware of their duty to maintain a clean environment and plant more trees so that the gift of nature that we enjoy today is passed with no blemish on to the next generation.

Youth Groups

Youth groups are formed in order to provide right motivation and orientation to the youth. They are taught social responsibility and are instilled with a sense of social concern and commitment. Their engagement in social work and related activities trains them in social responsibility.

Mother Groups

The parents Association of Ilanthair is in existence for the last many years for the purpose of the social, economic and spiritual welfare of the parents, specially the mothers of children supported by Ilanthalir. They are encouraged to do some savings every month. Educational and other loans are disbursed to them in times of need. The parents groups used to meet once a month to express their solidarity and support to one another in their path towards progress.

Celebration & Festival Days

Celebrations are part of our life. They instill in us Enthusiasm and cheer apart from the values they hold. Deepavali, Pongal and Christmas are some of the festivals where children are encouraged to involve and participate so that they learn social amity and amicability.

Annual Get - Together for Children

Coming together is always a pleasant experience. All children and parents in Ilanthalir have their family get-together once in a year. Mutual interaction, sharing, fun games and cultural events would make the day memorable to all.